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Indian Cinema Movie Club.
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Indian Cinema Movie Club.
watch_bollywood is currently on a 3 month hiatus. We'll see you in March 2011.

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Current Movie (Oct/Nov 2010): Ishq
Current "Hits, flops, and more" discussion: 1960 Movies

Welcome! watch_bollywood is a Bollywood movie club. Here is where we can discuss the movies that we love so much. Bollywood movies are this clubs main focus, but there will be times that we watch other Indian cinema choices. (i.e. Kollywood, Tollywood etc...)

How This Works
A bi-monthly poll will give three options of different movies. Members will vote, and then they will have two months to talk about the selected movie. The Mods will provide a discussion post after the movie is chosen.

What You Can Do
Vote on the polls. Watch the selected movie. Discuss the movie. Post fanfiction, artwork, and/or fan vids about the current movie. Participate in the monthly challenge for the movie. If you want to give a suggestion about a movie to include in the polls, please do so here.

*Rules for Fanfiction
Your own work, and recs are welcome.
Keep the fanfic about the current movie being discussed.
Post the following info above the lj-cut.

Copy & Paste the following into your post:

Place the body of the story under a lj-cut.

*Rules for Artwork and Fan Vids
Your own work and recs are welcome.
Make sure to never claim another's work as your own!
Keep posts about the current movie being discussed.
Put big artwork under a lj-cut.

*Rules for Challenges
1. The work that you submit must be a new piece of work made for the challenge.
2. The work must be your own work, if the Mods find that you took work from someone else you will be banned from further challenges.
3. For the writing challenges, please spell check your work and consider getting a beta.
4. Please put warnings and ratings on your work.
5. No bashing of each others work.
5. Have Fun.

The Mods will make tags for this community. Please use them. If you would like a special tag made, please PM world_of_blade or sunflowerkudi.

Community Rules
Be considerate of your fellow members.
Hopefully I will not have to have other rules. We will see...

Advertising of Other Communities
Please contact the Mods before posting about another community.


Please post here if you would like to affiliate with watch_bollywood.

If you have any questions/suggestions please PM world_of_blade or sunflowerkudi. (Please put "watch_bollywood" in the subject of the PM.)

Movies we have Watched
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
Wake Up Sid!
Black & White and Pukar
Yes Boss
Rangeela (Bollywood Dreams)
Jodhaa Akbar
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Mods of the Community
Founder: world_of_blade Co-Mod: sunflowerkudi Art-Mod: ed_84

Bollywood Links List
AVS TV Network
Bollywood Toronto
If you would like to tell us about a link please do so here.